Wednesday, October 31, 2012

End of Blog

 Well, we have reached our space limit for this blog.  Rather than erase old posts, as I plan to make a book out of this blog, I have started a new one.  The new address is:

If you are on this blog's email list, I will add you to the list for the new blog. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Beginning of Autumn. If only I could capture the amazing colors with my camera.


Old fashioned Underhill Harvest Market featured lots of old fashioned food and games

Just can't capture the brilliant color!  It's been amazing, but it's also been very grey and misty, and rainy for the past couple of weeks...I think the grey makes a fantastic backdrop for the leaves, but it makes photographing hard.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A few pictures from the end of summer

Our favorite swimming hole, just a couple miles from our house

Frogs all over in the pockets of water in the rocks at the swimming hole

 I love fungi

Reid came to visit

Aunt Lindsey came to visit too.  We actually jumped in together that day, even though it was September, and COLD

Leif is so pleased to be able to see so many tractors.  He takes his toy tractors and trucks to bed with him.


Leif's friend Poet.

Bear claw marks on our favorite hike

Enchanted birch forest

Sweet friends

The fire lookout at the top of the mtn, above our house.

Lindsey and Reid helping us prepare for winter.

Don't be fooled by my calm face, the water was frigid.  But, who could resist such a beautiful pool?  Sequoia actually got in too, but not by choice.  She slipped and fell in and Aunt Elysia had to pull her out.

Artfest in Burlington
Really fun music fest in Waitsfield, with Grandpa Martin.  Best Salsa band ever.

Love how all of the venues are old barns